Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Old Rose Extravaganza - colour experiments

You may remember these old rose cookies that I showed you a while back. If you missed them, check them out here

Old rose cookies

As I am still new to the world of sugar and decorating, a lot of what I do, is about playing with different colours to see what works and that is what I have done here. These cookies were made using this beautiful mould from House on the Hill, BTW be careful if you stop by there, they have so many beautiful moulds, you won't be able to buy just one. Each time I visit, I see more moulds that I cannot live without.

I like a bit of colour and shine and sparkle, if your style is more understated, the plain mould looks so lovely, it almost seems a shame to add anything. This is the pale teal colour I used before.

Blue Rose Cookie

I mixed up some different shades of sugar paste using ivory and ....

 rose gel colours from Wilton and moulded the paste with the Springerle mould as before.

I was lucky enough to visit the Squires Kitchen show earlier in the year and whilst I was there picked up their gilding kit. (It was round about my Birthday, so this was one of my Birthday presses)

Pink Springerle Mould Cookies

The lustre colours I've used are the light silver, light gold and burnished copper from this kit along with a Bridal Satin in Myrtle, also by Squires Kitchen that I used before

Here's some in ivory

Ivory Old Rose Cookies

... and all the colours together. You will see that the burnished copper is less successful on the ivory and teal colours as a little of the colour sometimes goes astray.

... and, if one rose isn't enough, how about two? This is the House on the Hill Double Rose Mould that I used for my Sprningerle Brownies. More of these soon.

And finally ... with the gilding kit comes some gold and silver leaf, I couldn't resist having a go at gilding one of these. Boy, was this hard and only partially successful. I thought I would show you, if only for a laugh, oh, and it was also really difficult to get a good picture. Well, here it is

That's all for today
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