Sunday, 14 July 2013

Beehive Cake

This is the second of two charity cakes that I told you about a while back. It is not the most original of cakes, but it is sweet in every sense of the word. There is a lovely beehive cake that Martha Stewart makes, she drizzles hers with a sticky honey glaze and bakes it in her own pan which is no longer made. The Martha Stewart pan is highly sought after, there is a campaign to try and bring it back and I saw one change hands recently on ebay for almost $300!

Not having the budget for a vintage Martha tin, I got mine from Nordic Ware. I decided to try a recipe that Peggy Porshcen uses for her Bundt tin cakes. A lemon, poppyseed and almond cake from her Boutique Baking book. If you want the recipe, you will need to buy the book, it will be worth it, this book is amazing.

I had it in my head that I was going to hand mould some bees out of yellow fondant, paint on some stripes, make some wings, then I remembered that I had this lovely Butterfly and Insect Brooch mould by Karen Davies, so I saved myself a bit of time and moulded a few bees.

Here is a little moulded bee. I moulded the bees using a ready made modelling paste from Squires Kitchen.

And a painted bee. I love the way a little colour brings the moulds to life and gives them so much character.

To colour the bees:

  • I brushed Sugarflair's primrose yellow petal dust over the body of the bee;
  • Painted stripes with confectioners glaze coloured with black gel colour and
  • Brushed the wings over with Squires Kitchen fairy sparkle

To make the cake look extra special:
  • I placed it on a double board (two cake drums stuck on top of each other);
  • Wrapped the boards with two colours of ribbon and 
  • Used a stylised rose impression rolling pin to pattern the fondant used to cover the board

I think this is my favourite impression pin and even though the design is of roses, I think it has something of the bee about it too.

And finally, the finished cake

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