Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kerrie's Cake - Roses and Butterflies

What do you do, when two lovely ladies that you know, both ask you to make their wedding cake and their weddings both happen to be on the same Saturday in May? Well, as you have already agreed to the first one, you have to politely refuse the second one - right? Well that is what I did - at first - and then I had a think and made a plan and found a way that I could make both. One friend told me I was mad, to my face, and I'm sure a lot of others were saying it too. As it happens, after five busy days, both cakes were made, decorated and collected or delivered on time. Seven cakes in all. 

One of the two wedding cakes, was this three tier cake for Kerrie. The theme for Kerrie's wedding was roses, butterflies and crystals and this is the cake that I designed and made for her. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and Kerrie loved it too. I also made a pretty cake for Karina, I don't have any pictures to show you of that one just yet.

The three tiers of the cake are covered in shell pink fondant and the cake features hand stencilled roses in pink and dusky lilac. The bottom tier is vanilla sponge, the middle tier a dark chocolate sponge and the top tier is fruit cake. I know of at least one person at the wedding that tried a piece of each!

This was my first proper stacked or tiered cake and I will confess that I was a little nervous as I drove it to the venue to set it up. Were all those dowels in the right place? Was the cake going to make it safely? Driving it over reminded me a little of the feeling of bringing a newborn home from hospital - something very precious on board. One of my proudest moments, was placing my mini spirit level on top of the cake and seeing that bubble between the lines.

Warmest congratulations and a virtual toast to Kerrie and Sean.


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