Friday, 8 June 2012

Birthday Season

It is Birthday season in our household, my husband's and also my father in law's Birthdays were on Wednesday, my Nephew's is on Saturday and my son's 4th Birthday is coming up next month.

This is the Birdhouse Birthday cake that I made for my husband. My father in law, does not eat cake, which, in a way is fortunate, because goodness only knows how I would have found time to make another cake this week.

Hubby's Birdhouse Birthday Cake

My husband likes wildlife, we have lots of nest boxes with cameras around the garden and initially, this was going to be a realistic looking bird box with maybe a blue tit along side.

I always think that Birthday cake should be a nice vanilla sponge or maybe a chocolate cake with a bit of extra special icing, however, the hub thinks that Birthday cake should be fruit cake. (I think that fruit cake is for Christmas and Easter.) Well, he had his way and this is a fruit cake - well, it was his Birthday.

I went to my local sugar craft shop on Saturday with my little lad and looked at the sort of wood brown coloured icing for a bird box, but, I couldn't quite bring myself to buy it, now if it had been a chocolate cake, I could have quite happily bought chocolate sugar paste and that would have made perfectly nice wood.

After convincing my son, whose favourite colour today is pink, that Daddy probably doesn't want a pink Birthday cake, we bought the lemon yellow and pale blue with a little grey ... and some pink that I will soon be using for something else!

This is my first go at modelling any sort of figure out of sugar paste, I think this little bird came out OK, but, there is always room for improvement.

Bird on birdhouse

I won't go through everything I did to make this one, as it might take a little time, but I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have.

One last view before I go and I'll just mention that next I am making a swamp monster cake, one of the wonderful Debbie Brown's designs for my nephew's Birthday. A cake with lime jelly in it!

Birdhouse Birthday cake

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