Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ahhhh Swamp Monster

This cake isn't quite my usual style! I made it for my nephew's Birthday today. He has a small jelly obsession and the cake underneath all of this is made with lime jelly, so I am hoping that he will really like it.

Swamp Monster

I have made this cake from the very talented Debbie Brown's Book Gorgeous and Gruesome cakes for children. If you have any children's cakes to bake, this book is indispensable, lots of cakes for girls and boys and everything in-between!

One of the best things about all of Debbie's cakes is that you don't need a lot of specialist tools to make them. (I rather like a few specialist tools, they hep to make up for my lack of artistic talent!). My cake isn't quite up to Debbie's standards, but, I am happy enough with it and so it seems were my nephew and his family.

Whilst I was taking these pictures, I accidentally pressed a button on my camera, I still don't know which one and took the picture that you see below. I don't know what I did - must read some more of my camera book, but, I kind of like the affect

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