Thursday, 14 June 2012

Golden Rosemantic Brownies

These are the second brownies I have made in my quest for a more glamorous brownie. I wanted to make something small and dinky for my friends who just like a little taste of something delicious and chocolatey without ruining their figures.

Chocolate Brownie with gold and roses

If you want to have a go at these, you will need:

  1. Chocolate Brownies baked in an appropriately sized sheet pan for your recipe. I used this recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook
  2. Chocolate Sugar Paste
  3. An embossing sheet with a rose pattern, I used one from the Floral Texture set by Autumn Carpenter
  4. Rose Mould (The one shown here is by First Impressions)
  5. Heart cutter (This one is part of the "From the Heart" set by Wilton
Metallic Gold Edible Paint (This one is by Rainbow Dust)p-lo0k~"? []'|

Chocolate Brownies with roses

You will need to start by cutting out the heart shaped brownies with your cutter. This is best done the day after baking, as the brownies can be quite crumbly when just baked.

From then on, you make these the same way as my heart cookies click here for the instructions, except that you will need to paint the sugar paste, or the rose with the edible gold paint. The gold paint dries quickly, so you need to paint it on quickly and don't go back over any areas because this usually pulls off the paint.


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Chocolate Heart Brownies

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