Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Even more dress biscuits

You may remember these dress cookies that I showed you recently, that I decorated using a stencil. I think they need a little something extra but I am not quite sure what yet?

Peacock Dress Cookie

For these dress cookies, I have been using a cookie cutter by Autumn Carpenter that comes as part of a set. As well as the cutter, the set comes with three thin sheets of plastic for embossing the cookies. The ideas is you roll some fondant, use the texture mat to emboss the pattern and then cut the fondant and stick it on the cookie. So simple to do and looks really impressive

Roll out the fondant to about 5mm. Rub a small about of vegetable fat on to the fondant to stop in from sticking. Emboss the pattern onto the fondant using the end of a rolling pin and a circular motion.Alternately use the method from the Autumn Carpenter site.

Try them both and see what works for you

Cut out  the fondant using the cutter, then gently life and stick to the cookie, use some ping gel or edible glue if you have it, if not a bit of water normally does the job well enough.

If you use the three texture mats that come with the kit, these are the embossed dresses that you will have. Other than the one on the left, which is always my favourite, they don't look much at this stage and need a little extra embellishment.

For the dress on the right, I used an edible paint pen to paint over the flowers and the swirls. This was an absolute disaster, the pen just flattened and tore at the fondant and the silver colour I was using did not show up, this went straight into my families "eat me" biscuit tin.

Blue dress cookie with bow

The the dress on the left, I added a bow that I had dusted with a white lustre powder.

Green dress cookie with bowAs I had just picked up some new lustre from one of my favourite, beautiful and well stocked shops, salt and pepper, I thought I would try it. I brushed another of these dresses with a Bridal Satin made by Squires Kitchen. The colour I used here is Verona (Green). It gives a sort of two tone effect and this lustre is satiny rather than sparkly. (This is my very favourite)

I added a bow in the same colour fondant that the dress is made from

Then finally I added some lustre brushed daisies to another dress and here they all are together. Maybe the daisies are my favourite?

Which one do you like best?
That's all for today
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  1. Can you tell me where to find the embosser you used for this pattern. Beatiful

  2. Hi Renea. The embosser comes with the Autumn Carpenter dress cookie cutter set. Thank you