Monday, 7 May 2012

Peacock Dress biscuits

Peacock Dress Biscuits

Peacock Dress Cookie

I showed you a sneak peak of these the other day. If you want to have a go, this is what you will need to do it. The pattern is created with a stencil. I saw this done in the amazing Lindy Smiths Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible below, which every cake or cookie decorator should own. Lindy is the queen of cake and cookie stencils, check out her stencilling Gallery

I loved the effect and really want to try it but was a bit reticent as I thought that the stencil would move around and the colour would get underneath and make a mess.

I used the Chinese Floral Circle (L104) stencil that I got it from Lindy's shop.

Time to get started. The technique is pretty much as you would imagine really, roll our some sugar paste, place the stencil on top, use a fondant smoother  / polisher to gently push the stencil on to the sugar paste and make it stick. Take some petal dust, I used "gentian" and "holly" from Squires Kitchen and a paint brush. I found a number 4 watercolour natural bristle brush worked best, anything smaller tended to make dimples in the sugar paste.

Gently brush the petal dust onto the stencil, then when all done lift up and your done. I love the wavy line on the bottom of this dress cutter. From Autumn Carpenter.

Stencilled dress cookie

I tried different colours and more colours

Some tips

  • Cut out your cookie shape and attach to your cookie using piping gel or edible glue.
  • The petal dust will colour the sugar paste, so you can't use the offcuts again for this project.
  • Between each stencilling, I placed the stencil on a piece of kitchen towel and gently rubbed it with a rolled up ball of kitchen towel to clean it.
  • Be careful to put the stencil the same way up each time.
  • After making a couple, I realised I was wasting time dusting bits I was going to chuck away, so I changed my technique, I rolled out the sugar paste a bit thicker than required , then cut it with my cutter and then rolled it to the required thickness. If you do this the past is only a little bit bigger than you need, so you don't waste so much
Not sure which one I like best. What do you think?

Dress cookies

I still have some dress cookies left, so next I am going to use the texture mats that come with the set and show you the effects that can be created with these.

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