Saturday, 12 May 2012

Old Rose Cookies (Part two)

This is how ...

Old rose cookies

I know it is very immodest of me to say so, but, I love these cookies really rather a lot.

I ordered this springerle mould from the wonderful House on the Hill. Isn't it beautiful? The moulds are often associated with Christmas and I couldn't resist hanging it in my ancient apple tree to take a picture. Technically this is not such a great picture, but I kind of like it. This mould is "Round Rose" 5688.

Springerle moulds are intended to make little cake / biscuits, you can find recipes for Springerles at House on the HIll. They also have info on paper casting that looks A-MAZ-ING.

The traditional recipe for Springerles uses Bakers Ammonia or Hartshorn and this is not always that easy to get hold of (House on the Hill stock it), Martha also has a recipe for a Springerles that uses baking powder. I really must get round to baking the traditional springerles ... one day ...

For now, I have used these beautiful moulds to mould sugar paste to decorate my cookies.

First of all I made some sugar cookies, using my usual sugar cookie recipe, but, replacing 50g of flour with 50g of cocoa powder, just 'cause I fancied chocolate for a change and cut them out using a fluted cookie cutter about the same size as the mould. This cookie mix has such a velvety texture, it feels and smells gorgeous.

I coloured some sugar paste with a little Wilton teal colouring and then rolled it out using marzipan rollers to get an even thickness. The first one I tried I rolled the standard 5mm, but these are such lovely deep moulds, I found this was not quite thick enough, so I turned the marzipan rollers on their sides and rolled out - about 1 cm thick.

To stop the sugar paste from sticking to my mould, I rubbed a little vegetable fat (Trex / Crisco) between my palms and gently smoothed this on top of the sugar paste. Icing sugar or cornflour is usually recommended but I like the Trex.

Press the mould slowly and firmly onto the sugar paste, then lift off to reveal the impression. Wowzer!

Blue Rose Cookie

This is quite a traditional springerle look and lovely like this. Check that you are happy with your impressions from the mould - if not roll and mould again.

Use your cookie cutter to cut out the sugar paste and gently lift on and stick to your cookie. You may need to use a little edible glue or icing gel to make it stick. If you don't have any, a little water usually does the trick.

I wanted to paint my mould and the colours I have used, in the top picture, are Sugarflair's Shimmering Pink and Squires Kitchen Bridal Satin in Myrtle. As I was painting these, I heard, my three year old son, who was up until this point quietly settled in his bed, "Mum! Mum! Mum! it's morning time, I'm ready to get up!" It was eight thirty at night and he had only gone to bed an hour ago. My goodness.

Also looks pretty  in pink!!

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Watch this space, because I just may have another mould or two to play with ...

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