Monday, 7 May 2012

Peggy Porschen Boutique Baking

Peggy's New Book

My husband would no doubt confirm all to quickly that I have far to many books in my home library already, cake books in particular.

It was Peggy's "Favourite Cakes and Cookies" that first started off my small obsession with bakeorating. I can't quite remember why I picked it up at my local bookshop, maybe that I had never before seen anything quite like those cupcakes on the front, (Really must try to make those one day). I was eagerly awaiting the new - Boutique Baking. In fact I had it on pre-order for quite some months prior to its release.

This book is truly beautiful and does not disappoint. Peggy has the knack of making such beautiful cakes seem within reach of mere mortals.

I have already tried the Chocolate heaven cupcake recipe. Unfortunatley I can't show you any pictures, because my piping was ruined by a tiny bit of un-melted chocolate chip that got wedged in my icing nozzle and rather ruined the look of these delicious morsels and I was too embarrassed to share them with you. I sent my husband off to work with them (you see I was even to embarrassed to let people I know see them!) and he can confirm that they were quickly devoured and proclaimed delicious. Hubby though, thought the icing was too soft and didn't hold it's shape very well. They were quite time consuming to make, I made them over two nights, well worth the effort.

I am going to try to make the Classic Victoria Cake next. This features piped scrolls and flour de Lys. Piping is not my strongest decorating skill and seems to be becoming my baking nemesis, in fact, I am rubbish, so ... deep breath ... lets see how it goes

If you'd like to try or see some recipes from the book, check out these at You and Your Wedding

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