Friday, 18 May 2012

Heart Cookies. How to

Pink heart cookies

My first post was a picture of these cookies and a promise I would tell you how to make them. I then realised my promise was a rash one as I hadn't taken any pictures of how to do it. I have now found a spare hour or two, baked a fresh batch of sugar cookies and taken some pictures too.


  1. Used the smallest cookie cutter from this Wilton "From the Heart set" to cut out the cookies which are made using my usual sugar cookie recipe.
  2. Coloured some ready made fondant with a small amount of Wilton leaf food colouring.
  3. Rolled the fondant out a little less than 5mm using my 9" rolling pin with guides to get an even thickness
  4. I used an embossing or texture mat from the Autumn Carpenter floral texture mat set and the end of my rolling pin to emboss the pattern
  5. Cut out the shape of the cookie in the fondant using the same cookie cutter I used for the cookies
  6. Carefully lifted the fondant
  7. Stuck it on to a cookie using some edible glue
  8. I moulded some roses using the Roses Galore set by First Impressions
  9. Couldn't resist adding some baby pink edible glitter to the roses
  10. Carefully stuck these on top of the cookies
There is a bit of controversy over edible glitter at the mo, click here for the latest UK guidance. The roses can be easily removed from these cookies for anyone that does not want to consume the glitter.

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Here are the finished cookies, what do you think?

Green heart cookie

Heart cookies

Spring rose cookie

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