Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Vintage Brooch Champagne Celebration Cookies

There is a lovely trend in England for champagne afternoon tea, just like a traditional afternoon tea with teeny tiny sandwiches (no crusts) a few slices of different cakes and a scone with jam and cream all served on the daintiest of cake stands, except instead of the usual pot of tea, this tea is served with a lovely glass (or two) of champagne, most likely pink and maybe in a teacup.

These cookies were my contribution to a very special champagne afternoon tea to celebrate a long awaited engagement.

You can only really add champagne flavour to a cookie by using a ready made flavouring, as to add enough actual champagne to a cookie recipe would make the dough overly wet. These cookies are made using a basic Sugar Cookie Recipe  adding a teaspoon so of champagne flavouring (I used one by Beau) along with the egg. I also added about four toothpick dips of Wilton Creamy Peach colour.

Cut the cookies out with a fluted oval cutter slightly bigger than the mould you want to use and bake as the instructions.


Vintage brooch mould
Modelling paste (you really need to use a modelling paste to pick up the finer details in this mould - if you can't get any, you could try using regular fondant or sugar paste and freezing it for 15 minutes before un-moulding)
Selection of lustre dusts (see below for the ones I used)
A couple of paint brushes
Edible glue or piping gel

These cookies are decorated using a vintage brooch mould from Karen Davies. I have quite a few of Karen's lovely moulds and will be using this one again for a couple more projects over the coming weeks. 

I have had this mould for a while, but was finding it difficult to paint, I mentioned this on Karen Davies' Facebook group and she kindly directed me to this video of her decorating the moulded brooch. I used a slightly different method to Karen in that I rubbed vegetable fat between my palms and rolled the ball of paste between my palms to stop it sticking and I applied the lustre at the end rather than the beginning. If you are going to have a go, try both ways, see which works best for you

What a difference a little lustre makes ...
I love the way that brushing a mould with petal dust and/or lustre dust completely transforms it, so thought I would show you three stages of the process here - 
1. The plain mould
2. Holly green petal dust and dusky lilac lustre dust added
3. All over brushing with ivory lustre and a little edible glue and edible glitter applied to the centre and finally a few highlights added with a little edible gold paint.

All of the dusts used are by Sugarflair from my local sugar craft shop.

Once decorated, leave to dry for a day or so, the attach to your cooled cookies with a little piping gel or edible glue. 

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Oh, if you are idly wondering what this mould looks like in pink - watch this space

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