Friday, 13 July 2012

Hope-lace romantic brownies

Hope-Lace Romantic Brownies

Thought you might like to see a little something I threw together for a tea-time treat. Some more glamorous brownies, with the look of antique lace.

I baked a tray of brownies using my usual favourite brownie recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery book, you can find it here.

What You Need to Decorate Them

A lace mould
This one is the Lace Rose and Lily of the Valley  mould from Squires Kitchen

A Cutter size and shape to match your mould or part of your mould.

Lustre Dust
I used this Pear Ivory Dust by Sugarflair

Coloured Sugarpaste / Fondant
The lustre dust will make the colour appear lighter, bear this in mine when choosing a colour

How to do it

Use your chosen cutter to cut out shapes from the baked chocolate brownies

Roll out a small amount of your sugar paste to about 1cm / half an inch thick.

Place the sugar paste on top of the mould and press it down to emboss the pattern

Flip over the mould and sugar paste together and gently lift off the mould.

Carefully position your cutter over the mould and cut out

If your making these for a special occasion, you might want to use some edible glue or piping gel to help stick them on top of the brownies. As I was just making these for tea I didn't bother with the glue. Carefully press the edges of the sugar paste tops onto the brownies, taking care not to flatten the moulding.

Finally, take a clean paint brush and brush on the lustre dust.



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