Saturday, 29 March 2014

Little Star Blossoms

I use these little star blossoms a lot as filler flowers or extra decorations, they are super easy to make, so I thought I would share a quick tutorial on how to make them. My five year old son can make these competently, so there are no excuses for not having a go!


To make them you will need

A little six petal flower cutter (this one is from the stephanotis set from sunflower sugarart, UK, USA)
A Dresden Tool
Something for the centre (I used a JEM daisy centre)

You will also need:

Some sugar flower paste / gum paste or some sugar paste with CMC / Gum Tragacanth mixed in to make it less sticky and more pliable. Colour your flower paste before you start. I have used Sugarflair's cream gel colour here.

A little vegetable fat (Trex / Crisco)
A little cornflower (preferably in one of those muslim pouches that sugar crafters like)
A board for cutting out on
A foam flower making board

Making the Flowers

Rub a little vegetable fat (Trex / Crisco) onto a cutting board. The vegetable fat helps keep the flower paste on the board, whilst you roll and also stops the flowers from sticking when you have cut them out. Roll out you paste thinly and cut out a few more flowers than you think you need. (Something usually goes a bit awry with one or two, so best to make allowances for that and then hopefully it won't happen)

Next dust your foam board with a little cornflower and use the Dresden tool to shape the petals, as shown below, by gently rocking the Dresden tool from side to side. Cornflour is every sugar crafters secret weapon, a lot of the techniques simply won't work without it.

Continue all the way around till all the petals are shaped

Make a centre for the flower, I have used this little daisy centre by JEM, sugar pearls make good centres too.

Finally, finished flowers on a floral bouquet cookie. This cookies is currently undergoing a design review. In my head it looked brilliant, when made, I felt the design doesn't quite work. I still like the idea, so it will get revisited, one day!

Projects that use these flowers, or very similar ones

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