Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Your Top Five of 2013

Happy New Year everyone !

In the best blogging tradition, Ladies and Gentleman, may I present, your top five favourite blog posts from 2013. I love to look back at what I've done over the year and see which posts have been the most popular, it also reminds me of all the things I have done and all the happy occasions that I have made cakes for.

Number 5

This is one of my favourite flavour combinations so it is lovely to see this cake at number 5. I think a cupcake version is overdue, so watch this space.

Number 4

The beginning of this journey was the first decorated cookie I ever made, so this is a special post for me. I was happy with these, but I think I can do better, so I'll be having another go in 2014.

Number 3

I am so pleased to see these in the top 5. I loved making them. It was one of those magical moments for me, when everything came together, the cookies turned out well, I happened on the perfect lustre dust to enhance them, the styling of the photo adds to the romance of the cookies and the natural daylight for the pictures picks out all the details so clearly. My only concern is, I like to think that I can improve year by year, but goodness only knows how I will top this, this year. My Pinterest stream has been full of hearts and flowers for a week already, so I know I haven't got long to figure it out.

Number 2

A surprise one for me at number 2. It seems that chocolate is popular in the blogoshphere with my Dark Chocolate Rose Cake being the most popular post ever and this one here at number 2 for 2013. I have made quite a few zebra cakes this year and they have always been popular.

Number 1

These lemony cookies look so fresh it is lovely to see them here at number 1. Some things in the sugar craft world look really tricky but are actually fairly simple to do, whilst others looks easy, but oh my, are they tricky. I am happy to say that these are the former.

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